Scarring on the face can have a very large impact on a person’s self esteem. Whether the scars are from a previous trauma or skin cancer removal or previous acne, most scars can be improved. The goal in all cases is improvement, and multiple treatments are often necessary. I realize the psychological as well as physical impact that scars can have, and I want to help. There are many options available to improve the appearance of scars and treatment depends on the size, shape, and location of the scar. Discussion during a consultation will help determine the best choice for you.

What is important to realize about treatment of acne scarring is that this is a process. I adhere by my Graduated Approach method to target the areas of most concern to you. There is not one, single modality that works best, and often I use a combination of 2-4 treatments to give you the optimum improvement.

Some Options for Scar Improvement Include:

1. Topical silicone gel or sheeting

2. Kenalog injection (for hypertrophic scars or keloids)

3. Pulsed Dye Laser (for red/pink scars)

4. Resurfacing (Dermabrasion, Laser, Chemical Peel)

5. Scar excision or revision

6. Subcision or punch excision of acne scars

7. Injectable fillers

8. Topical bleaching creams

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