Extra skin around the eyes can not only give a tired look, but also can interfere with vision if it gets severe.  The weight over the eyes is removed by a simple procedure hidden in the creases around the eye. Removal of excess eyelid skin is known as blepharoplasty.  This can be performed through incisions in the skin or through incisions on the inside of the eyelid (transconjunctival) to address excess skin and fat.  It is important to distinguish whether the problem is simply extra eyelid skin or if brow sagging is also contributing to the issue. The upper and lower eyelids are not only composed of skin, but also have muscle and fat. Oftentimes extra fat must be repositioned or removed at the time of blepharoplasty.

Treatment of eyelid sagging or excess eyelid fat is peformed by blepharoplasty. This term encompasses a variety of incisions (either skin incisions or incisions on the inside of the eyelid) in combination with fat removal or repositioning.  Please see the Blepharoplasty Page for more information on this procedure.

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