Types of Lip Augmentation

1. Injectable fillers – Juvederm Ultra and Restylane Silk are both excellent fillers for the lips when a fuller lip is desired. Subtle changes in lip height can also be accomplished with proper injection techniques. Over-correction with fillers can give an unnatural, shelf-like appearance to the lip, which we avoid. Typical results may last 8 – 16 months depending on your body.

2. Collagen lip implant – By using your own collagen – taken from behind the ear or from excess sagging neck tissues – a more permanent result can be achieved. Unlike the injectable fillers, this tissue is not as readily absorbed by the body.

3. Fat injections – This is performed by taking fat cells from other parts of the body (belly, neck) and injecting those cells into the lip. Once injected, many of the cells are taken up by the local tissues and continue to survive in their new location, providing a more full appearance.

4. Lip advancement – Oftentimes, the volume of the lips are not the only problem. The lips may appear to be rolled inward due to the effects of aging. By taking a small strip of skin above or below the lip, a dramatic improvement in lip size can be seen. Natural contours of the lip are carefully re-created. This can be performed at the same time as the collagen lip implant for the most dramatic improvement in lip volume.

Previous Work

Used For

Thin lips, Lipstick Lines

Down Time

1-2 weeks

How It Works

Depending on whether there is a lack of lip volume or if the upper lip is too long, Dr. Rihani will discuss the various options you have for restoring a fuller, more visible upper or lower lip. Techniques used include artificial filler, fat augmentation, placement of your own collagen, and advancing the red part of the lips surgically. Each technique has its own advantages and results may last anywhere from 6 months to being permanent depending on the method chosen.

Side Effects

Most common side effect is bruising and swelling of the lips.

What to Expect

There will be immediate improvement in the appearance of the lips after augmentation. In fact, I often tell patients that they will be over-corrected after surgery. There will be some swelling that will decrease over the next few weeks. As the swelling improves, the final result will be apparent.

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