Whether it is something you have always had, or something that you recently acquired, I understand the concern with fullness or excess fat under the chin. I typically hear that it is something that “runs in the family”. Fortunately there are a number of options available which may be performed individually or along with another procedure – such as a neck lift. Keep in mind that the following procedures will address the excess fat, but if there is excess skin you may need a skin tightening procedure as well. A consultation with me will help to determine the best step forward.

1. Liposuction – by using very small incisions (less than a centimeter), small canulas can permanently remove fat cells that have built up in that area.

2. Kybella – perhaps one of the newest products on the market, this injectable formulation is performed in our clinic. Injections typically take less than 30 minutes, and work their effects over the next few weeks. There are promising new results with this treatment, please check out the Kybella page for more details.

3. Neck lift – If excess skin is present, a neck lift provides removal of excess skin, often performed in combination with liposuction, to provide the most dramatic improvement in neck line and submental appearance.

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