Mid-Face Lift

Used For

Improvement in cheek sagging, cheek hollowing, tear trough deformity, and sagging of lower eyelid tissues

Down Time

1-2 weeks

How It Works

This procedure addresses an often overlooked part of the youthful face, the midface. Through a combination of eyelid incisions or small incisions made in the hairline, a lift of the cheek area can be performed. This can address the region of the tear-trough as well as the shadowing just below the cheek bone (known as malar mounds). This procedure is often done in conjunction with a lower lid blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove extra skin or with a brow lift.

Side Effects

Most common side effect is swelling and bruising of the cheeks and lower eyelids.

What to Expect

There will be swelling of the face that typically increases over the first 3 days and then gradually goes away. Typically 80% of the swelling is gone at the end of 2 weeks, 90% of swelling is gone at 2 months, and the rest goes away gradually over the course of the next year. Incisions heal well below the eyes, these can be slightly pink while they are healing but will fade over the next couple of months. Makeup can be used to conceal incisions while they are pink.

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