Case Study: Removing Silicone Lip Injections

Case 1: Female patient in her 60’s interested in facial rejuvenation. She had microdroplet silicone injections performed 20 years ago and has been bothered by the appearance since. She has had fillers to try and smooth some of the lumps from silicone injections since that time. Unable to find a permanent solution, she came to our office for help.

About microdroplet silicone injections: This once-common technique injected silicone into the lip, similar to filler. This method was not, and is still not FDA approved for treatment of lip volume. This is a permanent result that, if injected into lip blood vessels, could lead to irreversible damage to the soft tissue and skin.

Patients come to our office seeking correction of such issues and therefore I wanted to share this result.

Silicone lip injections causing distortion of the natural lip.

Silicone lip injections are not dissolvable and therefore must be removed through a surgical procedure. Incisions are carefully designed around natural lip transition points to create a more natural smile. Approximately 1 cm of soft tissue was removed with the silicone in order to create a more natural smile.

Below is shown the patient 2 months after correction and excision of the silicone injections.

Following excision of silicone injections of the upper lip, restoring natural tooth show and smile!

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