Questions to ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation

Over the years I have received all sorts of questions by patients considering surgery. Here is a list of some I believe are most important and most helpful when preparing for your facelift journey.

  1. What is the recovery time? For scheduling purposes it is important to know how much time you are going to be avoiding normal daily activities such as driving. See our blog post for more information on this topic.
  2. Do I need someone to take care of me? In general, the answer to this is always yes. Most people have a signficant other or friend willing to spend the first 24 hours with them, but if not, we have nurses available to monitor you overnight.
  3. How long do the results last? Is there regular maintenance required? It is important to know how long your investment is going to last and what the additional costs may be after your procedure to maintain your results.
  4. What are the risk and complication rates? Your surgeon should be able to give you a list of complications and how often they happen in their hands. In general benefits on ANY procedure performed or offered will outweigh the risks, otherwise Dr. Rihani will not offer a surgery to his patients.
  5. How many of these procedures do you perform every month? Case volume is very important. If someone is only doing 10 facelifts a year, do not expect them to be as comfortable as someone performing 100 facelifts a year.
  6. How will my discomfort be managed? Is there a lot of pain? All medications are provided prior to surgery in my practice which helps eliminate confusion and extra errands after your procedure.

Keep in mind, the point of the consultation is to determine if there is a good rapport with the surgeon and whether your expectations are realistic. Surgeons are approaching the consult the same way – determining if this is someone with which we want to develop a life-long relationship. I hope this helps! Feel free to let us know your thoughts by sending us an email.

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