What can I do to avoid bruising with injections like botox or fillers?

A lot of weight is given to the injector and their techniques for avoid bruising. This is partly true, but there are some simple techniques that you can do to help your injector and to make the experience better for the both of you. These are things I have my patients should they have a bruise after a botox or filler injection.

Remove all your makeup

Bruises happen because needles puncture small (or sometimes large) vessels. I am always looking for vessels and try to avoid them when injecting. You can help by showing up with all makeup removed which allows your injector to more clearly see any small vessels that are hiding under your skin.

Take photos of your bruises and show your injector next time

This can act like a road map for your injector to avoid troubling areas that tend to bruise easy. By showing them the bruise location, they can avoid that area by a few millimeters and save you some headache after your injections. But the best way of knowing how to avoid those areas is looking at a picture.

What happens if I see a bruise?

If you see a purple bump at the injection site, this can indicate that you may have a bruise coming. Hold some firm pressure to prevent that bump from getting any larger. If we see these forming during your injection, we like to jump on it right away and hold pressure to stop the vessel from bleeding under the skin (the cause of a bruise).

Cool compresses can be used after getting home to prevent swelling and enlargement of the bruise. Topical Arnica Montana (purchased at a drugstore can be used). After a few days, you can switch to warm compresses and some light massage to help breakdown the hemosiderin (blood products) that are under the skin.

And don’t forget…

Make sure you avoid supplements like fishoil, green tea, NSAIDS (motrin, ibuprofen), Aspirin, Ginseng, Garlic prior to your treatments to avoid excessive bleeding.

The injector is important, but you can do a few things to help as well! Happy injecting and good luck!


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