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Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jordan Rihani Reveals How Social Media Has Affected the Aesthetics Industry

When it comes to first-time cosmetic aesthetic patients, Jordan Rihani, MD, double board-certified facial and reconstructive surgeon from Dallas, TX, knows you’re probably nervous. And he has a plan. At his practice, the Facial Plastic Surgery Institutesm, he and his team make it their mission to soothe the concerns of nervous newbies. Not to downplay these medical treatments, but he knows that if you’re in the right hands, they can be a positive experience.

When our team met the doctor in person, an incident occurred where we got to observe Dr. Rihani’s calming demeanor firsthand. A man came into his office with a broken nose. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a pretty sight: The poor guy was bleeding and in pain from the injury. Without a moment of hesitation, Dr. Rihani excused himself to assist his distressed patient, staying cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire ordeal. Later, he returned to us as if nothing had happened — he was completely unfazed by the incident.  Read more at

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