How Long Does A Facelift Last?

Before and after facelift by Dr. Jordan Rihani


If you are considering a facelift, you have probably asked yourself “How long does a facelift last?”

There has been a recent trend in plastic surgery away from temporary procedures as patients have begun leaning away from short term solutions and favor longer lasting ones.

There is nothing more permanent that undergoing a facelift or necklift surgery. The reason is simple and is probably best explained by describing what is actually done during surgery.

The strength of my facelift is not from simply removing skin, it is from repositioning the deeper muscles and fat compartments of the face. After the skin is elevated, those muscle and fat layers are picked up and repositioned to their higher position. Skin is then re-positioned and extra skin is removed. Typical skin removal is 1-2 inches per each side Рnearly 4 inches of skin! That skin, because it was removed, will never grow back.

As you can now understand Рthe results of a facelift are permanent. You will continue to age, however. But your neck will always look better than it did before surgery.  The aging process continues at the same rate it was proceeding along prior to your surgery. Most of my patients however, after surgery find themselves taking better care of their skin, avoiding sunlight, using a regular skin care regimen which can help slow down any signs of aging.

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