Upper Eyelid Volume

The importance of Upper Eyelid and Orbit Volume on Eyelid Appearance

An often overlooked aspect of upper eyelid aesthetics is the role of volume on the development of extra eyelid skin. As we age, the following changes lead to excess skin of the upper eyelid.

  1. Skin laxity increases
  2. The eye socket becomes wider and bone volume decreases
  3. Fat and muscles around the eyes become thinner

The combination of the volume loss and skin elasticity creates extra folds in the upper eyelids (as shown below).

Before and after upper eye lift by Dr. Jordan Rihani

A commonly performed surgery for this issue is a blepharoplasty (also called an eye lift) to remove excess skin. However, the less discussed role of volume is also important in the development of upper eyelid skin laxity. By replacing this volume, we are able to recreate the bone and fat volume that has been lost which is able to provide a “lift” to the eyelid and brow.

In the following patient, no eyelid skin was excised. Notice the appearance of the extra fold of skin of the upper eyelid on the before image. By adding volume, the extra fold of skin has been corrected by adding the missing volume for a more youthful upper eyelid appearance.

Before and after eye lift results by Dr. Jordan Rihani

If you are considering a blepharoplasty, it is an excellent surgery for the permanent correction of the upper eyelid dermatochalasis, or excess skin. But keep in mind that some techniques of blepharoplasty can actually create more hollowing of the upper eyelid. That is why at the Facial Plastic Surgery Institute we use volume sparing techniques for upper blepharoplasty which focus on muscle and volume preservation with fat repositioning rather than fat removal.

I perform Blepharoplasty surgery in my Southlake and Fort Worth offices and is a great procedure with minimal downtime. I also perform injectable fillers for upper eyelid volumization in my Southlake and Fort Worth offices. Contact our office for more information or email me with any questions you may have.


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