Plastic Surgery in Men

Following deep plane neck and facelift with lower blepharoplasty and brow lift

If you are considering facial plastic surgery, we see a number of men concerned with improving features (such as jawline or nasal appearance) or reducing signs of aging (sagging neck, eyelid hooding, etc). Our most common surgical procedure in men last year was a deep plane neck and lower facelift. This was able to address neck sagging and improve jawline definition.

Given the popularity of plastic surgery in men, we wanted to discuss some considerations for males undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Hairline: Men typically have short haircuts and receding hairlines – which can create a challenge when it comes to hiding incisions. Using “trichophytic” incisions, we are actually able to preserve hair follicles in the scars to allow hair to grow through the scar. However in some areas of hair loss or in bald males, incisions must be meticulously closed to avoid obvious scarring.

Masculine Aesthetics: We always consider that certain features are considered more “masculine” and some considered more “feminine” when it comes to aesthetics. The brow is a common and noticeable example of this. Higher, arched brows that the brow tail is higher than the head of the brow – is a feminine trait. Men tend to have a flatter brow where the tail and head of the brow are on the same plane. Additional examples are the cheek position in men, nasal appearance and angles, chin appearance and width, and jawline appearance and shape.

Following lower and upper blepharoplasty

Downtime: This is a popular question when it comes to surgery. Typical down times range from 1 week for eyelid and nasal surgery to 2 weeks for neck and face procedures.

Following a rhinoplasty for hump reduction

Common motivations for male patients include workforce pressure (the need to stay relevant in a young workforce), younger spouse, having more income and wanting to deal with an issue that has been bothering them for some time.

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Dr. Rihani specializes exclusively in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face including facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid lift, and browlift.

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