What do scars look like after a facelift?

One of the fears of patients is often the scars of a facelift. As a facial plastic surgeon, I can confidently say that scars should not be a fear of undergoing surgery and unless there is a problem with the healing process (which is rare), scars are not an issue for our patients.

What makes our scars different?

The two factors that are most important is discreet scars are 1) Location and 2) Tension.

As you can see in the video below, the location is very important. Hiding incisions in the hairline and behind certain parts of the ear make these scars hard to see without really looking for them. I also take time to ensure that there are natural contours in front of the ear, similar to the natural cheek.

In regards to the tension, because I perform a deep plane facelift, the tension of the lift is all on the deep layers below the skin. This allows the skin to redrape nicely and without tension, create an almost seamless result. Check out the video below and fill out the form below to schedule your consultation!

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