The first week after my facelift – in a patient’s own words

We are very excited to share this patient story with you. This patient underwent a facelift with Dr. Jordan Rihani and has taken the time to photograph and journal her first week of the recovery process. A lot of the fear of undergoing a facelift is the fear of the unknown, so I hope this helps someone out there.

Let’s start with a little background on the patient…

Age: 52 female

Lifestyle: Active lifestyle.  

Cardio 3-4 times per week.  

Has done strength training consistently for entire adult life. Has maintained consistent body weight throughout adult life.  

Hormones:  Natural bio-identical hormones since the age of 40.

Now handing it over to her to explain the facelift recovery in her own words…

Day of Surgery:

My surgery day was great.  Dr Rihani’s team in Ft Worth were all kind and calming.  The nurse gives you a little pill to ease any “nerves” you may have (I actually got the giggles). Soon after, the anesthesiologist comes in and clearly explains what is going to happen.  Dr. Rihani comes in for one last visit to address any last minute questions or concerns.  He then puts his surgical marks and measurements on your face.  The last thing I remember is seeing a light on the ceiling in the hall to the OR painted with a beach scene. I went home after surgery with a snug dressing around my neck and head with 2 drains.  I slept the rest of the day and night in a recliner in my bedroom.

The post surgical headwrap with drains in place (the red dot is a mole Dr Rihani shaved)

Day after surgery:

Mostly napping (per my husband). I went for follow-up and drains were removed.  I did develop a small hematoma throughout the day on one side. After sending photographs it was decided that some slight pressure was the best course of action. The pressure dressing was applied for 24 hours.  Great follow up by Dr. Rihani. I was taking narcotics every 6hours with a stool softener.  Sipping ice water and smoothie.  Most discomfort is actually a sore throat so ice water feels great on the throat. Multiple texts and calls from Dr Rihani throughout the day checking on me.

Day after surgery

Day 2

Napped throughout the day.  Narcotics Q6hours with stool softener.  Little appetite. Protein smoothie and ice water throughout the day.

Day 3

Woke up feeling fantastic!!  Apparently I did a lot of healing throughout the night. No narcotics today, only Tylenol with stool softener .  Feeling like eating some real food today as well, oatmeal with egg whites and chicken noodle soup with lots of chicken.  Jaw and neck remain tight feeling so I would suggest food that is easy to chew and swallow. Have not had a bowel movement yet but my stomach feels fine. I have been taking Kombucha juice throughout the healing time but have a little indigestion due to antibiotics… not too bad though. Swelling seems to have peaked and is getting better.

Day 4

One of the biggest adjustments has been sleeping on my back.  I am a side/face sleeper.  Monday my hubby took me in for my follow-up.  I have minimal swelling to my face but my neck has significant bruising.  I felt good enough to go to the grocery store on the way home.  I would suggest drinking a lot of water/warm fluids as well as taking a stool softener until you quit your narcotics and go to the bathroom.

Day 5

Feeling Fantastic

Day 5

Day 6

Feeling better and better.

Neck looks great, swelling improving Day 6
Incisions healing well at Day 6

Day 7

Incisions healing at 1 week
Healing well at 1 week. Swelling is improving. Bruising has worked down the neck and onto the chest.

Today I got my stitches and staples removed.  There was a little discomfort but not too bad.  I have some numbness to the ear area and chin area, otherwise there is no pain.

Things to Note:Listen to Dr Rihani’s podcast and don’t overanalyze or worry.  Read his instructions and mark things in your calendar. Eat small frequent meals with clean protein and fiber. Stay off the weight scale and eat healthy food to promote healing. Drink plenty of fluids, limit sugary drinks. Don’t do any activity before Dr Rihani clears you.  Don’t drive before he clears you, you sure don’t want to go through all this and do something stupid!! Also, having someone to take of you the first few days is very important and having that support. I was lucky that my husband was there to help me recover.

Hopefully sharing my experience will make your journey a little easier.I cannot say enough about Dr Rihani’s talent, expertise, knowledge and kindness.

Deciding to have a facelift is a big deal.  That is why you chose a meticulous, smart, artistic, talented, trusted and respected surgeon like Dr. Jordan Rihani.  Once you make the right decision, you can put all your trust in him and relax and “enjoy the ride”.  We have all seen those “bad ” facelifts but put that worry to the side when you sign up with Dr Rihani.       

We will be keeping you all posted with this patient’s before after results, but we hope this was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions! Check out our facelift page for more information on the procedure.

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