Internet Consultations

Not from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and interested in a consultation with Dr. Rihani? Setting up an internet consultation is easy.

Step 1: Fill out the New Patient Paperwork

Download New Patient Paperwork Here

Step 2: Send 3 photographs (or 4 if a rhinoplasty) shown below and a description of the procedure you are wanting. Be sure to include details about any past facial surgeries!

Picture tips:

No Smiling

Have someone help you take them so they are not taken too close to your face.  

Picture 4 (if rhinoplasty consultation)

Send the paperwork, photos, procedure requesting to We will call you within 1-2 business days to set up a phone consultation.


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Dr Jordan Rihani is one of the best surgeons for facial plastic surgery, as well as facial cosmetic enhancements, in Texas.

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