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What is a rhinoplasty? 

A rhinoplasty (or nose job) is performed for improvement in nasal appearance and can also improve nasal breathing.

How does rhinoplasty work? 

Tissues beneath the skin of the nose can be changed to provide a more pleasing nasal appearance. For issues with breathing, a septoplasty may be performed and cartilage grafts can be used to support collapsed portions of the nose.

What is the downtime for a rhinoplasty? 

Downtime for a rhinoplasty is approximately 1 Week. Most patients will have a splint on the outside of their nose for 7 days. After the splint is removed, there will be swelling, but most patients can go out in public at that time.

What are the side effects of rhinoplasty? 

Most common side effect is swelling and bruising of the nose and around the eyes.

What should I expect after a rhinoplasty? 

After the rhinoplasty procedure, tapes and an external splint are applied to the nose which stays in place for one week. After these are removed at one week there will be swelling of the nose that will go away gradually. Typically 80% of the swelling is gone at 2 weeks, 90% at 2 months, and the rest goes away gradually over the following year. The nose will continue to improve over time as the swelling resolves. Just like there is swelling on the outside, there may be swelling on the inside. Breathing will also continue to improve over that time. If septal work is performed (on the inside), small splints may be placed on the inside of the nose which are also removed at one week. I do not use any nasal packing for my nasal procedures.

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