EarWell Ear Correction system in a non-surgical, painless molding system that helps shape newborn ears. Ideal correction should be performed within the first 2-4 weeks. Application of the mold is performed in clinic. This can be performed for a variety of newborn ear deformities. Please email or call us for your complimentary consultation.




•   Many babies are born with ear deformities (15% to 29% of all babies).

•   The vast majority will not improve (70% +) and may get worse over time.

•   No one can predict which will get better and which will get worse.

•   Children with ear deformities do suffer teasing, taunting and bullying.


•   EarWell must be applied early in a child’s life (optimum is less than 3 weeks). The earlier the better.

•   EarWell has successfully corrected thousands of baby ears with very few failures.

•   EarWell is safe, tested, pain-free AND it works.